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Peekaboo Toy Box

What is inside the gift box? Cool toys are ready to jump out and surprise your little ones. Watch your kids have fun guessing what fun toy will pop out of the box!

Let your kids learn new words by themselves by exploring the engaging interactions built into this wholesome app.

This app was specially designed for toddlers so it focuses on eye tracking and fine motor skills development, and introduces cause and effect and early vocabulary.

Our goal is to use our “Entice, Explore, Play, and Extend” framework to entertain your children in a productive way.


  • Tap the gift boxes and discover what is inside
  • Help the little explorer find his toys
  • Watch the fun animations
  • Discover more that 40 interactions
  • No in-app purchases or third-party advertising

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Peekaboo Toy Box available
iPad, iPhone and iPod touch