About Us

Peapod Labs is a startup focused on creating learning experiences both in the physical and in the virtual world. Our goal is to apply user-centered design and current technology breakthroughs to rethink existing teaching tools, methods, and techniques and come up with new innovative ones. When the iPad was announced we knew that it would revolutionize education so on June 2010 we started Peapod Labs to contribute to the transformation of the industry.


Our Motivations
At Peapod Labs we are life long learners, there is nothing that we enjoy more than learning new things and mastering new skills. We want to be able to share that passion for learning not only with our little ones but also with everybody else. In order to do that we synthesized the following 5 design principles to guide our journey.


  1. Digital tools are a complement not a replacement.
  2. Effective learning happens through on-line and offline experiences and rich interactions
  3. Learning has to be fun
  4. Effective learning happens when the child’s strengths and weaknesses are identified and used to inform the design of the experience.
  5. Encourage everybody to take a part in the education industry’s transformation