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Firehouse Adventure

The Firehouse alarm is ringing! Put on your firefighter suit, grab your gear, and hop on the fire truck. There’s a emergency and the Little Explorers need your help. Join the Little Explorers in their Firehouse Adventure!
Firehouse Adventure features eight dynamic mini games that will teach your child about the roles and responsibilities of firefighters. Earn rewards along the way that teach about firefighter equipment and fire safety.


  • ★ 8 mini games
  • ★ 24 rewards
  • ★ Teaches about Firefighters and Fire Safety
  • ★ Tested on 4-7 year olds
  • ★ Designed by parents and loved by kids!


  • ★ Ladder Rescue – Tilt the game to move the firetruck and save the animals.
  • ★ Firetruck Traffic – Help the firefighters get to the fire. Avoid other cars by tapping on the screen.
  • ★ In The Trees – Help save the animals stuck in the trees by tilting the game. Watch out for falling objects!
  • ★ Put Out The Fire – Help the firefighters put out fires. Squirt water on the fires by touching the screen.
  • ★ Safety Net – Drag the safety net under the animals to save them from the fire.
  • ★ Find & Rescue – Tilt the game to move through the room and rescue all the animals. Watch out for fires!
  • ★ Helicopter Drop – Help the firefighters put out the fires by touching the screen to drop water.
  • ★ Firefighter Gear – Find all the items the firefighter needs for an emergency.

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Firehouse Adventure available for
iPad, iPhone and iPod touch

Download and print the Firefighters Paper Toys Booklet! Visit the activity page.