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ABC Bugs

- English and Spanish Enabled App

Sometimes the most amazing things are hidden in plain sight!

Did you know that fireflies can glow three different colors, red, yellow, and green? Or that rhinoceros beetles can lift something 850 times their own weight?

Take your children on a Journey into the extraordinary world of bugs.
Gorgeous images, educational videos, and fun interactions will demystify the world of bugs for your kids. Let your kids watch the tarantula crawl out from its burrow, feed a morpho butterfly, unearth the earthworms in the yard, and even work with the leaf cutter ants.

If your little ones love bugs this app is a must have, if they don’t, try it with them and expose them to content that may change their minds.

Bugs constitute the most numerous inhabitants of earth, we should learn about them in order to become better neighbors.


  • 150+ photos, spoken fun facts, and videos
  • 50+ touch activities
  • Dual Language Support – English and Spanish
  • Each kid can enjoy the content at their own pace
  • Carefully Curated Content

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ABC Bugs available for
iPad, iPhone and iPod touch