What you'll need.


Cut a piece of colored paper into a size that fits tightly into a ziplock bag.


Pour color paint on the paper insert. Tip: If you are using dark colored paper use light colored paint, and vice versa.


Carefully seal the bag. Rub your finger over the bag, mixing the paint inside.


Using the back of a marker or other object blunt object, start doodling, drawing and writing over the bag.


Draw, erase, & redraw for as long as you want!

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Ziplock Painting

Going through a box of old stuff, we came across our beloved Etch A Sketch. Who doesn’t have fond memories about the fun and forgiving drawing device?
This week we decided to build a homemade Etch A Sketch using a ziplock bag. Our goal with this project is to teach children how to turn common household objects into fun and engaging creative tools.