Get ready to scour the house in search of the secret treasure.


What you'll need.


Draw clues for the hunt. Tip: Clues can be drawings and written words.


Once you have finished making the clues, hide them in their places.


Give your child the first clue and let the quest begin. Tip: If you use props such as pirate costumes, or toys, the kids will get even more engaged in their role.


Move around with your kid as he or she finds the clues. Tip: Be ready to lend a hand from time to time.


Congratulations young treasure hunter, enjoy your treat! Tip: Try reversing the roles, let your child hide the treasure and make the clues while you become the treasure hunter.

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We recently discovered an engaging way to teach children new words. This game is so successful at our homes that we felt compelled to share it with you.
Kids love all things treasure hunt, right? So, we replaced the old gems and gold coins with something that no child could resist … chocolate! We swapped the treasure chest with a box, and the map with images and word flash cards. And guess what, it worked! Children get the feeling of being in a treasure hunt adventure and a tasty treat as a reward.
The beginning of the process is drawing. Get the crayons, pens, paints, and paper and start creating whimsical art. The goal is to create clues for the kids to follow, create words and pictures that will lead them to the treasure. Parents, as soon as you’re done, hide the clues and let the treasure hunt begin!
Take turns. After your little one finds the treasure, let him hide one and you try to find it.

Check out the rules of the game in the slideshow and have a blast discovering the words around you.