Get your old vegetables from the fridge and lets make some art!


What you'll need.


Dear parents, you are in charge of the cutting part of this activity. Please keep the cutting tools away from the children.


Make a paint puddle. Dip your vegetable and swirl. Stamp your canvas


Use a brush to decorate and add details to your vegetable prints.


Repeat the process with different vegetables and fruits.


Use your imagination to create complex and fun patterns.


Combine colors and papers to make interesting art pieces.


Vegetables not only are healthy snacks, but they also serve as great art tools.

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Vegetable Painting

Are you planing to clean up your fridge any time soon? If so, don’t throw away old vegetables right away because they can help you keep your little ones busy for hours at a time.
How? you may ask. Vegetable painting is the answer, a great way to foster imagination by using fun unconventional tools to create art.
Attention: Since this activity requires scissors, make sure to keep an eye on the action.