What you'll need.


Cut a strip of paper wide enough to wrap around a toilet paper roll.


Wrap the toilet paper roll with the paper strip.


Make the wheels out of pieces of cardboard. Use colored paper to decorate the wheels.


Use the x-acto and the scissors to create a seat. Parents take care of the cutting, and keep the x-acto and the scissors under watch all the time.


Have fun decorating your kart.


Attach the wheels.


Get ready to have a blast, racing your kids around the house. Don't forget to talk about vehicles!

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Toilet Paper Karts

This week we want to talk about vehicles. So we decided to build some cool karts and play with our little ones.
Race your kids with the karts that you design. Let them think about the fun stuff that they would like their vehicles to do. Get them to explain the features and use them in the race a la Mario Kart.
Whenever possible share with them a cool fact about vehicles, or explain them how parts of a vehicle actually work.
Enjoy the race and the fun chat. We think this relaxed environment is ideal to acquire interesting bits of information.
This activity involves cutting so parents might need to lend a hand there.
Inspired by the Kifli ├ęs levendula Blog.