Bring out your colored string. This craft will get you a last-minute Christmas tree in no time!


Select the shape of your tree. It's not necessary to draw the zig-zag pattern on your wall, a mental image is enough.


Tape your string following the zig-zag pattern you chose for your tree.


Bring the ornaments and hang them on the string. Make sure to add additional tape layers if you are using heavy ornaments.


Don't forget your tree topper. Happy Holidays!

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Thread Tree

In a blink of an eye this year is almost over. Christmas day is around the corner and yet we found ourselves with plenty to do and not much time to do it. If you already have everything ready for the 25th, that’s great, but if you find yourself without a tree, don’t worry, we are coming to the rescue.
This very simple craft activity is about creating a last-minute Christmas tree in the house.
We realize is not as beautiful as a real one, but besides being really fun to make, it fulfills its role by contributing to the holiday spirit and by adding joy to the house.