Get ready to build a whole forest of christmas paper trees!


What you'll need.


Cut four squares of paper with the dimensions suggested above.


Let the folding begin! Grab a paper square and fold it in half across its vertical, horizontal, and diagonal axes.


Steps 1 through 6 will get you to successfully complete a potentially confusing folding sequences. Don't skip steps!


This next folding sequence will help you fully finish one tree layer. After you make a couple of these pieces the task becomes easier.


Make sure that the cutting is performed by adults.


After repeating the previous steps for every paper, you'll end up with four beautiful paper pines. Now just stack them together and...

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Paper Trees

The holiday spirit is all around us and time has never been so scarce.
This very simple but beautiful craft activity will get you to spend fun time with your children while enabling them to contribute with the christmas decoration chores.
The idea is that you don’t spend time collecting materials. Just grab a few colored papers and start your paper tree factory this weekend.

This activity involves cutting so parents might need to lend a hand there.