What you'll need.


Cut a strip of paper one inch wide. Draw a dashed line near both ends of the strip.


Fold the paper strip and insert one end into the other.


Grab the colored markers and start creating fun fish designs.


Once your fish is ready, pick it up, and release it. Watch it spin while it falls.


If you have a magnet and clips, you can make a fun fishing game. Attach a clip to each paper fish. Get a stick and tie a piece of string. Attach the magnet to the end of the string.


Grab your fishing rod and try to fish them all!

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Paper Fish

Get your make-belief fishing equipment ready, because this weekend we are going to do paper fish fishing.
This fun game takes no time to set up and offers hours of fun for the whole family. It is also very portable. You can choose to go fishing to “Port Kids’ Room”, “Kitchen Bay”, or the “Family Room Archipelago.”
Gather around your children, make some fish and off you go.

This activity involves cutting so parents might need to lend a hand there.