What you'll need.


Grab a colored paper and fold it in half, then, fold it again. Draw a circle on the paper and cut it out with the scissors. Make sure there is adult supervision.


Fold each paper circle and use the scissors to make two holes on each one as shown above.


Cut a paper circle for the head. We made ours slightly bigger and of a different color, but it is up to you.


Ask your kids to write a number on each circle. The more numbers they write, the longer their caterpillar will be.


Slide the ribbon through the head piece.


Now it's time to slide the ribbon through the body pieces.


Once you see they are comfortable, ask them to count by twos and threes. Let them configure the body in different ways. Enjoy.

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Numbers Caterpillar

This week get ready to count. The more numbers you know the longer your caterpillar can grow.

The idea is very simple, help your children make their own paper caterpillar. Ask them to build as many body pieces as numbers they can count. But they cannot skip numbers. Get them to count by twos or by fours and suggest that they change the color of the pieces for each set.

At the end of this activity you will probably end up with a bunch of funny looking colored caterpillars, but what is more important, your kids will have practiced their numbers throughout the whole time.