Tip: Cut the plastic bag 2 to 3 inches above the bottom of the bag.


Grab a piece of paper towel, soak it in water and create a wet paper ball.


Make the jellyfish head by wrapping the bag around the paper ball. Secure it in place using the rubber band.


Add as many legs as you can and make them of different sizes.


Use the food colors to dye your jelly's fishbowl water.


You have made it! Now just shake, shake, shake and have fun!

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Jellyfish Bottle

Got any plastic bags and bottles laying around the house? Get ready to cut, fold, and twist to your creativity’s content.
This very simple activity has many fun parts to it. First, you create interesting bag-jellyfishes. Second, you build their unique colored fishbowl. And last but not least, you watch the relax-inducing jellies swim to the rhythm of your movements.
Attention: Since this activity requires scissors, make sure to keep an eye on the action.