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Firefighters Paper Toys

Download and print the Firefighters Paper Toy-Maker Booklet and get going!

★ Searching for ways to take the successful coloring book activities to the next level, we transformed the coloring book into a paper toy-maker booklet!
This week we played with the little ones Firehouse Adventure. This app features nine mini games that teach children about the roles and responsibilities of firefighters, the equipment they use and some fire safety tips. Play the app with your kids and then download and print the paper toy-maker booklet included below.
Let your kids color the characters and tools they like the most. Help them cut out the figures and let them play with them. For example: glue a piece of cardboard to support the figure, tape a pen to its back and you have a wonderful puppet.
Observe how your children play and jump in when you get the chance. Reinforce the information acquired from the mini games with traditional role playing. Having a paper theater in your living room can bring lots of fun for everyone.
Warning: Parents make sure to be on top of the cutting during this activity!