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Vehicles Coloring Book

Download and print the ABC Go coloring book and get going!

We believe that the combination of physical and digital experiences make powerful learning tools.
That is why we keep developing real word arts and crafts type of activities, while we develop playful learning apps. While experimenting with new complementary experiences, we were very surprised with the positive effect that combining digital explorations with traditional coloring created in our little ones, so we decided to make a coloring book for this week’s activity.
The activity is really simple: play with your children our recently updated ABC Go app, or any other vehicle app of your choice. Try to use an app that gives you plenty of information about different vehicles. In the case of ABC Go make sure to see the images, watch the videos, and hear the fun facts for each vehicle. After you have seen a few, download and print the coloring book included below.
Let your kids choose the vehicles they would like to color. But here is the catch. While they are coloring, speak with them about the information both of you obtained from the app! This is a great way to get an amazing conversation started.