This fun game provides hours of constructive entertainment and only requires a few toys depending on the number of players.


Each player owns a plane (any toy will work). The game starts with both airplanes sharing the same airport. Next, mom or dad says: "the airplane flies to (an object)"


The kid must fly his airplane to the requested location. After he lands his plane, you follow and land your ship next to his. Now is his turn to select a destination.


This game is an excellent tool to teach new content and reinforce old one.


Include anything you can think of in this educational journey from colors to letter and numbers.


Explore the house and teach your child about the objects around him. If your child doesn't recognize the destination you chose, take him there. Make sure to let him guide you once or twice :)


Add delicious snacks along the way and include flavors in the game destinations. This addition makes the game a little harder, but a lot tastier.

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The Airplane Flies To…

This game is so successful at our homes that we needed to share it with you.
The only thing you will need is a couple of toy aircrafts. Yes, Buzz Lightyear can be considered an aircraft. Actually any make-belief flying toy is allowed.
Move from airport to airport with a simple instruction: “The airplane flies to…” And then add: colors, patterns, objects, numbers, letters, anything that your heart desires.

Check out the rules of the game in the slideshow and have a blast landing your planes and discovering the world around you.