Get ready to end the year with a deliciously sweet holiday treat.


What you'll need.


Prepare your favorite cookie dough. Use the roller to flatten the cookie dough to your preferred thickness.


Use your mold to cut out shapes for Rudolph's face.


Grab 2 pretzels and make the reindeer's antlers. Bake the cookie dough.


Paint Rudolph's famous red nose and eyes. Have fun making different face expressions.


Create as many friends for Rudoplh as you want, and while you're at it, don't forget to make some trees.


Time to enjoy your treats!

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Rudolph Cookies

Before the year ends we wanted to share this delicious holiday edible craft with all of you.
Perhaps Santa won’t be able to try these tasty cookies this year, but everybody else at home can.
Get your favorite cookie dough ready and start baking reindeers and trees to keep the holiday spirit going until the end of the year.