What you'll need.


Cut the sides of the plastic bag, you will end up with a rectangle. A square will work fine too.


Cut 2 long pieces of string. Wrap them around the toy. Slide each of the 4 ends of the strings through a button.


Cut four holes on each corner of the canopy, make them smaller that the diameter of the buttons. Insert one button on each hole. Tip: We used tape to secure the buttons to the canopy.


Find a high place such as a flight of stairs to test your parachute toy.


Proudly watch your daredevil conquer the skies. Make sure to experiment with different parachutes.



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Parachute Toys

Does your child dream about making something fly? Perhaps one of her favorite toys.
This activity will help you build a small parachute that she can use to create a skydiving team out of her toy collection.
This cool activity fosters children’s curiosity setting the foundations for what later they will know as Science.

Attention: Since this activity requires a bag, make sure to keep an eye on the action.