Get your children inspired, let them design and make their own animal mask.


What you'll need.


Use a pencil to draw a stencil over a paper plate.


Use the scissors to trim the paper plate based on your design. Parents, for safety reasons, you are in charge of the cutting .


Used the colored papers to create colorful details for your mask.


The details make a mask unique.


Glue the details to the mask based on your blueprint.


Attach a rubber band to both extremes of the mask.


Get everybody in their costumes and let the show begin.

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Paper Plate Animal Masks

This week’s activity is about wearable art again! This time let your children design and make their own beautiful paper plate animal mask. Once they finish making them, ask them to put on a show related to the animal they chose.

Prepare to witness a fun transformation that not only will be entertaining, but also will enable your children to use creativity to communicate their knowledge about animals.