What you'll need.


Create numbered chips the size of an egg.


Adults, please help the little ones cut their numbered chips.


Use colored paper scraps to decorate your numbers' chest.


Place 12 numbered chips inside your chest.


Go Number Hunting! For example, you should find two related items, e.g. crayons, and place then in the number 2 spot. Do the same for each number.


There are only 2 rules: for each number spot, the items you choose must be related, and all items should fit inside the chest. Good Luck!

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Number Hunting

Do your children love scavenger hunts? Number Hunting is a hassle free way to create an unforgettable treasure hunt for your kids. With Number Hunting your children will practice counting and number recognition without even knowing they are doing it!
Quickly build your numbers’ chest and fill it with items that you find inside and outside the house.