This activity involves art, science, and exploration.


What you'll need.


Go around your neighborhood searching for interesting leaves. Hint: Big and thick leaves work better for this project.


Put the leaf you want to copy under your paper. Rub the paper on top of the leaf with a crayon or with a colored pencil.


After replicating your leaf, make sure to compare your drawing with the real one. What do you see?


Use colored pencils if you want to have more details in your replica.

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Meet The Fall

This is a great activity to explore your neighborhood while learning about autumn and its leaves. It has three steps: hunt, replicate, and analyze.
During the hunt, explore your neighborhood in search of interesting leaves. After getting enough leaves, apply the color-rubbing method described in the slideshow to create a 2D colored embossed replica of your leaves. And in the final step, compare your replica with the original leaf.

While admiring your kids work, take the opportunity to talk to them about plants.