What you'll need.


Make a paper cone. Tip: You may use tape or glue to hold it together.


Trim both the top and bottom of the cone so its edges can lay flat when placed on a surface. Make sure that the egg fits snuggly in the smaller cone opening.


Cut a strip of paper with rounded corners and use it to make the arms.


Have fun designing the heads. Let the kids use markers and anything else they can find to create unique designs that they truly own.


Attach the head to the body.


Let the children prepare a theater play with their egg characters and ask them to present it to the whole family.

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Egg Dolls

Easter is here and we have an egg carton ready to go. But we didn’t feel like dyeing eggs, we left that to the Easter Bunny. We wanted to do something bigger like creating a whole egg world, but as always time is the issue, so we ended up making some fun egg dolls.
This craft can be taken as far as you want. If you have the time, and everybody jumps in to help, go ahead and build an egg city.
Don’t forget to entice your little ones to play with their egg dolls after finishing them. Setting up an egg theater and letting your children come up with a play can prove to be a very entertaining experience.
This activity involves cutting so parents might need to lend a hand there.