What you'll need.


First design the surprise cover. Draw the casing on colored paper. Cut it out and decorate it.


Time to make the surprise. Draw something funny and cut it out. Make sure it is smaller than the cover.


Glue the surprise behind one of the halves of the cover.


Time to glue the cover pieces to the clothespin.


Let the glue dry for a little while and test your contraption. If you get a laugh from your children, it means that your crazy idea was a success.


Let your imagination roll. Keep designing as many surprises as you can.


Send us photos of your amazing creations. Enjoy!

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Clothespin Surprises

This is one of the most fun activities we have done. It is not only a blast to make and super fun to use, but you get to design any surprise you can think of and be as creative as you want.

We made a hatching egg, a whale, and a gift box, but we had a ton of other ideas we wanted to do.

Sit down with your little ones and brainstorm about different surprises, rank them and make as many as you want by starting with the idea you liked the most. To help the brainstorming process, select a topic e.g. animals, vehicles, food. Once the theme is chosen let the ideas flow. The crazier the surprises you come up with, the more fun the playtime will be!