What you'll need.


Find objects with cool shapes and trace them on top of your cardboard piece. We used a circular shape because we wanted to do a pearl necklace.


Cut out your shapes. Parents should be in charge of this task.


Use your colored paint to decorate your jewels.


The more patterns, colors, and shapes, the better.


Let the jewels dry for a while.


Align your jewels side by side and tape a piece of string to their backs.


Now, little ladies, dress up like a princess with your beautiful necklace. And you little men, give mom her custom-made necklace for mother's day!

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Cardboard Necklace

This week’s activity is about wearable art! Let your little princesses design and build their own beautiful cardboard necklaces, and ask your little guys to make you a wonderful mother’s day gift.

Believe us when we tell you that if this activity works for you as well as it did for us, you will be hosting a fashion show for the whole family in your living room that will last a few hours.