Get ready to Rock n' Roll!


What you'll need.


Parent, make a circle cutout in the center of the box to create the sound hole. Since this step requires a blade, please make sure to keep kids away from it.


Use anywhere between 3 and 6 rubber bands to create the guitar strings. Tip: use rubber bands of different widths to create sound variety.


Cut and fold cardboard strips to build the saddle.


Glue the saddles below the rubber band strings.


It is time to make the guitar look like you. Decorate with things you love.


Compose sweet music for the whole family.

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Cardboard Guitar

Got any boxes laying around the house? Turn those empty boxes into super cool musical instruments.

There is no better way to introduce children to the world of music than by helping them make their own musical instrument.

Find glue, colored papers, boxes, and rubber bands and get your little ones Rockin n’ Rollin today.

This activity involves cutting through cardboard so parents might need to lend a hand there.