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Aquatic Life Crosswords

Download and print the ABC Aquarium Crosswords and get going!

Here at the Labs we believe that learning can be improved by using digital and physical tools in complementary ways. Crosswords not only help build vocabulary, but also are a fun way to acquire knowledge. So we decided to design a downloadable booklet based on ABC Aquarium’s content for the family to have fun while learning amazing facts about the incredible aquatic world.

Play ABC Aquarium with your kids. After a while pull out the crossword booklet. Sit with your children and help them solve the puzzles. At the end of the booklet you can find all the words used to create the crosswords, feel free to go back to the app any time you need hints to complete a crossword.
As always, during the activity, remember to start a conversation about the topic and extend the experience to a whole new level.